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  • Dye Job

    Dye Job

    In the new Andor series the imperial troops on Aldhani introduce a brand new design of costume, one that is green ( later used as black on Ferrix). While rewatching the episodes to analyze that costume, it appeared evident to me that it was not your typical cotton, it defintely showed stretch ability and for…

  • Look At my Ball

    Look At my Ball

    So I printed a training ball, glued and painted it just to realize I forgot some part !!! On the upside I got the base colour right and it still looks quite good so not all is lost.



    So I placed all the design I have made ( SW related of course) on Tee public. Head to to get yours !

  • Weathering clothe

    Weathering clothe

    A great costume needs to have “lived” so that it can sell the character you are portraying. The same way you would apply weathering to an armour, your soft parts needs attention too. Step 01: WASH // wash the parts a couple of times to get the new fabric shine out. Wash with clear water…

  • Break Time – LEGO

    Break Time – LEGO

    Two new UCS added : the Shuttle and Classic Tie Fighter

  • ICAT Helmet

    ICAT Helmet

    Like many fans, I love the Mandolarian TV Series, and I like many I found the ICAT driver a great example of the consistency in costumes between eras, movies, etc… This is the first ICAT helmet painted with mid-heavy weathering.

  • Shock trooper – ROTS

    Shock trooper – ROTS

    New Clone shocktrooper helmet – 3D printed resin, magnetic faceplate and mid-light weathering

  • Break Time – LEGO Fun

    Break Time – LEGO Fun

    When I need a break from making costumes… I build legos; UCS and MOC. I just love the way they look when they are completed. Obviously they take time to build but the detailing and final results make them so worth the effort

  • Wookiee Bust

    Wookiee Bust

    Making a wookiee bust is a taxing work – the latching of hair onto the mesh bust clothing takes a lot of time. I am always trying new technique and this one is promising, might very well simplify the whole process – the key question remains to see if the hair will remain in place…

  • Lando Skiff Guard Bust

    Lando Skiff Guard Bust

    This character I remember was one of my all time favourite kenner toy. I have always loved it and it was on the top of my list of things I wanted to do in terms of costume. Skip to last Celebration in Chicago and I did get a plaque signed by Billy D Williams in…

  • The Studio

    The Studio

    A partial view of Red2 Studio where most of ImperialBoots works takes place and then some!

  • Home Office

    Home Office

    These days you need to have your home office, so this is where I do my digital work, prototyping, talking to workshops and suppliers, and build stuff. Of course I have some of my stuff on display including my very own Psittacausorus

  • Working with an industrial SLA 3D printer

    Working with an industrial SLA 3D printer

    3D printing has jumped leaps over the last couple of years, people have it at home and if you are lucky enough to live where I do, you can easily find “affordable” industrial printers willing to take on projects. SLA printer work with UV cured resin instead of filaments. This means the end result is…

  • Wookiee Skull Part 01

    Wookiee Skull Part 01

    I have made a few Wookiees over the years soon #9 will start production.The one part of the wookiee that has always been more complicated to do is of course the skull; one part being fibreglass and the silicon skin that goes atop.  In my early years as an arbor builder I was intimidated with…

  • BUST a move

    BUST a move

    Last year I started a new project for collectors with the launch of a helmet stand. Then we thought a bust to display and contextualize a helmet could be something visually stunning so we started on that project. Skip a few months of back and forth , changes and a first pre-production batch I was…

  • Wookiee Bust

    Wookiee Bust

    The Collector Bust is the new product I am launching soon. It is meant to be a new way to display props and contextualize it in their “real” environment. We are working on clothing and accessories to fit the bust to give a “real feel” when people drop their props on it. I though I…

  • Naked Wookiee

    Naked Wookiee

    After completing my 6th wookiee I have pretty much settled for the mesh suit design. Straight extra long legs, longer sleeves with hand covers, extra large elastic band at the waist with press button for the suspenders. I have just added the boot covers and a skull hood to make the work easier. The sizes…

  • RMQ Vader : when disaster Strikes

    RMQ Vader : when disaster Strikes

    I got myself a Ralph McQuaries Vader concept helmet. It was an opportunity and I thought why not. It arrived in ok conditions but immediately realized the inner gel coat was brittle and separating from the main cast, it became evident with the tip of the brow broke for no reasons. I could fix that…

  • What Happened in Tokyo …

    What Happened in Tokyo …

    I flew to Tokyo for the Comic Con and meeting with the local troops. It was supposed to be a week-end of Fun, laugh and good old scaring people. It started that way, but lugging two suitcases full of gears in the Tokyo overcrowded transit system might not have been the greatest idea. I got…

  • -IB- New Shanghai Studio

    -IB- New Shanghai Studio

    They say if you do something you love it will never feel like work… and it is true because although I probably spend 60 hours working on -IB- it does not feel like working. And between design contract, commissioned work and -IB- it is “work” every day of the week and week-end including when I…

  • Wookiee Build 5

    Wookiee Build 5

    With #4 now in Dubai, I started the new Wookiee build; I initially thought I’d take the summer to complete it. Then there was an issue with the mesh suit that needed some extra adjustments. Skip a week later and I am now in the CCG 2019 roster list as Old Rex but since I…

  • Rebel Backpack

    Rebel Backpack

    In continuation with my current fascination for custom paint job inspired by the rebel Xwing helmet I thought it would be fun to make a backpack. I bought a ANOKA hardshell biker bag and proceeded. Love this bag ! definitely protecting my laptop from those airplane-overhead-luggage crushing-pusher!



    My new zombie trooper was ready to take the floor at Celebration Chicago. I took it for a spin and a few hundred pictures later I received some awesome shots from people. A few lesson learned:1. People Love the Zombie and the costume2. Time goes fast when you are stop every 2 seconds for a…

  • Happy Accident

    Happy Accident

    One thing I have learned from my design workflow is that I need to experiment to “stumble” upon the right design solution… and I apply that in costume making. I was not happy with the undersuit of my zombie trooper; the latex skin patches were ok but too many miss-match in colors and with the…

  • Infographic- 501st

    Infographic- 501st

    it’s the time again to update the yearly inforgraphic about the 501st ( well it was 4 month ago when I actually did it)

  • Training Day: 1 hour Challenge

    Training Day: 1 hour Challenge

    Last minute change of mind from the daughter about Halloween…now she wants a costume  and I only have one hour before trick-or-treating ! All that zombie watching /making came handy !

  • Stan Lee Comic Universe Shanghai

    Stan Lee Comic Universe Shanghai

    Jules the Zombie Trooper roaming the floor of the first Stan Lee Comic Universe Convention Shanghai Scare count: 78  Screamer: 49

  • First Order …

    First Order …

    Prime time for me is not 7-9 PM but when it’s dry and sunny ! There was a build I did not expect to do and do not even expect to wear. Just had the opportunity to get an armor kit and thoughtI’d build it just for the sake of it…#noInterestInWearing.

  • Touche pas a mon pote !

  • Jedi Challenge troop…

    Jedi Challenge troop…

    The weather was nice in Shanghai for the annual Fashion Week and the were out in force ( pun intended) 18 troopers including a Wookiee. First time out with the new bandolier …way more comfy , lighter and much nicer looking that the previous one. Also new “shoes” … the Wook now wears goth boots…

  • I’m published…kinda

    I was flicking through the book “Beyond Stormtrooper” when I came upon a page displaying sample patches… Patches are a trading must in our community and there must be thousands different design floating around, from garrison, to outpost, to events, to personal … and there was one of the the very first ones I have…

  • IMAX in China should be ashamed !

    IMAX in China should be ashamed !

    Every year they keep on doing this kind of cheap stunt in China. They cannot be bothered to actually understand Star Wars or spend a bit of cash to organize something decent… no they have to take these clowns who have no respect for the movie /culture.

  • Wookiee Business At SHCC2017

    Wookiee Business At SHCC2017

    clocking 4 Wookiee outing during SHCC , each 1 hour long ! Intense but people love to hug the Wookiee so who am I to say no.  

  • Xenomorph…because break time !

    Xenomorph…because break time !

    I’m all about Star Wars, this is all about Star Wars…except when it is not and I need to get working with new materials and challenge myself to a complete other kind of build: Introducing the Xenomorph. I was lucky enough to find an amazingly talented prop maker dedicated to the world of Alien and…

  • Epic Madness – the return of the hair

    Epic Madness – the return of the hair

    Wookiees… a great species full of hair A few years back it took me about 10 months to complete my first Wookiee costume. Since then I did at least 3 different leg extension system  and then I decided I wanted to make a new one… this is nuts. But eventually I had the new mesh…

  • The Shore Helmet

    Another great helmet from Rogue One. I must say the work they did in making these armors is much more appreciated than what they came up with for the new trilogy

  • Tanker Helmet V2.0

    Tanker Helmet V2.0

    Working on the new helmet shows a significant difference with the 3d printed version. It does need to be weathered though  

  • Design Evolution Part 01

    Design Evolution Part 01

    After starting the third armour of the GAV Commander of Rogue One, I decided to make a patch. I wanted it to be in the striking and minimalist. So I used the three colours found on the Commander armour. It is reminiscent of the ranger patch in the US with the mention of the 71st…

  • Oh Glorious crap…

    Oh Glorious crap…

    Yes China has copycats, bootlegs, replicas, shanzai… all of different degrees of quality and build. From toys to clothes to now badly designed and worn armors ! I’ve shown many in my previous posts and it does not stop ! I can’t really define the level of annoyance I have when I see that; is…

  • Propel … OMG

    yes I used OMG and you will do too the day you get a propel Star Wars battle drone. These things are beautiful, fast, full of surprises and you can battle against others ( up to 12 players) for real ! They are extremely well designed, and the ergonomics is spot on. You can also…

  • You don’t know the power of the Dark Side….

    Actually I do , 10000mAh

  • Lego Break … is it?!!

    Lego Break … is it?!!

    I love lego’s especially the Star Wars collector edition ; these pack major brick power… and waste days to build; not good for any relationships for sure. Between these two there is nearly 6000 pieces assembled.

  • more WTFake troopers in China and it’s getting annoying

    Hey LFL/Disney I know there is no such thing as bad publicity, that China can be quite uncontrollable, and that Star Wars needs exposure… but this is getting old very quickly. It’s now thing to see acceptable ( not screen accurate but ok) TFA troopers touring clubs and pole dancers wearing trooper helmet but when you…

  • 421 Limited

    I was brought on board 1.5 years ago and how far have we come already thanks to the support of the community ! And what better to thank my two partners than having custom lightsaber engraved for each of us… Thank you guys Master + Jabba  

  • 3D printing: Hover Tank Trooper

    3D printing: Hover Tank Trooper

    This one is a beauty and one of my favourite helmet ! And these are the results once printed, glued, sanded, and painted. !

  • Redemption Team : first live meet-up

    Redemption Team : first live meet-up

    “Redemption” is a project that took place between Beijing and Shanghai. I was in Shanghai and Troy’s Team in Beijing, we had never met IRL and only communicated through email and WeChat. Comic Con Shanghai actually gave us the opportunity to have our first face-to-face meet which turned out to be quite fun, especially meeting…

  • Rebel Helmets

    Rebel Helmets

    After my initial red5 x-wing helmet build I realised that I actually enjoyed making these helmets because of their paint job. I found it refreshingly fun to build and paint a helmet that had been “battle damaged”. So Came the Y-wing and the A-wing alongside other xWing …

  • “Redemption” fan film…

    “Redemption” fan film…

    Last June at Beijing Comic Con quite a few people came to take pictures with Chewbacca. Then later in a WeChat group about Sci-fi someone posted their picture with Chewie and I mentioned that was me… private conversation ensued then the ever enthusiast Troy started to talk about making a SW fan film… 4 months…

  • X-wing helmet RAE

    X-wing helmet RAE

    I was commissioned to do another two X-wing helmet; another “Red Five” Luke Skywalker and Raeh… the scavenged helmet Rey plays with on Jakku in The Force Awakens  ( side note RAEH / REY ) Quite happy with the final result, although I think it probably needs to be put under the sun for a few…

  • What’s in a Jedi costume?

    What’s in a Jedi costume?

    I’ve been asked that question many times and really it depends on the character. Some are more complex than others and if you talk about Luke Skywalker in ROTJ, well it really is different from Old Ben. That being said there are “standard” components that one can use a a strong reference to create what…

  • Thanks Michelle

    Thanks Michelle

    The downside of making so many costumes is that you get to a point where you need the make room for more. Actually in my case I simply like to press the reset button once in a while. Couple of months ago I decided it was time to let go of some of my costumes…

  • Star Wars in China … the ugly !

    Star Wars in China … the ugly !

    When fans around the world gathered in the 70’ies to celebrate Star Wars by making their own props and costume that was “beautiful” not because of the quality of craftsmanship ( in cases far from it) but because you could see a unification of people in something “greater”, there was emotion, there was a true…

  • Fresh from the printer..this summer polo design

    Fresh from the printer..this summer polo design

    every season I design new polos …because that’s what I wear quasi exclusively.  This season I started with the idea “original” as per original trilogy. And yes before the “walkers” zombies and the “white walkers” we had the imperial walkers !

  • Sculpting Bossk

    Sculpting Bossk

    I had to have a go at sculpting, first try Bossk and the end result is not too shabby, the scale is too small but the details turned out nice

  • Star Wars LP

    Star Wars LP

    classic British Band LP cover re-imagined in the Star Wars Universe

  • Finally !

    Finally !

    The redshirttrooper got is display mannequin ! Been a while but it finally got here.

  • Wookiee Draws

    Wookiee Draws

    playing with the wookiee in different styles…



    Playing is what we first do as kids and often the first thing we loose when we become adults but it does not have to be. Play, dream, believe!

  • The internet gets funny with TFA

    The internet gets funny with TFA
  • Halloween


    Took my daughter to school as Casual Friday Vader…major WTH face on that lady ! Also last time my daughter agreed that I’d go with her to school dressed as SW character !

  • food inspiration ?

    food inspiration ?

    My daughter pointed out why I really like these cookies…look at the name!  That being said  blue, white, black… did Star Wars get inspiration from my preferred brand of butter cookies?

  • Brick challenge

    Brick challenge
  • Tian An Men

    Tian An Men

    Their are only a couple of stormtrooper who got their pictures on TianAnMen Square… I am one of them !

  • Mini Vader Travels: Japan

    Mini Vader Travels: Japan