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  • The Last Jedi in my opinion.

    The Last Jedi in my opinion.

    Because of what I do, every day I am being asked what are my thoughts about the movieā€¦ it often seem like an ambush; many time I am being straight up told what I should feel about it. The beauty about an opinion is that it is personal, however one can be fiercely protective. There…

  • TLJ China Premiere

    TLJ China Premiere

    There has been a few moments of being proud to be a wookiee … see kids smile, getting misty eyes from fan meeting me, my daughter telling her friend “dad is a wookiee”… But this was priceless. RianCJonhson in the middle of stage interview at the China Premiere realizing a Wookiee was sitting first row…

  • Rogue One Red Carpet Beijing

    Rogue One Red Carpet Beijing

    It was cold, damn polluted (as in her to see anything) and our plane was delayed 7 hours leaving from Shanghai… but at the end we were there to support Rogue One launch in China. The movie ( my second screening by then) was even better than when I saw it in HK. And despite…

  • “Redemption” fan film…

    “Redemption” fan film…

    Last June at Beijing Comic Con quite a few people came to take pictures with Chewbacca. Then later in a WeChat group about Sci-fi someone posted their picture with Chewie and I mentioned that was me… private conversation ensued then the ever enthusiast Troy started to talk about making a SW fan film… 4 months…

  • EPVII: China Opening Night

    EPVII: China Opening Night

    January 8th 11.50PM with the 501st mates…

  • EPVII : French Screening

    EPVII : French Screening

    For this one I went back to the same movie theatre I watched Return of the Jedi on its release date and watched it old school.

  • EPVII Opening Week-end

    EPVII Opening Week-end

    December 18th 2016 Opening Week-End LLN

  • Belgium Premiere

    Belgium Premiere

    December 16th 2016 : EPVII premiere in Brussels