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  • China Game Convention -PT2

    China Game Convention -PT2

    By far my favourite costume… the zombie trooper and since I had an extra officer suit at hand, I made the imperial officer version of the zombie. Also figured out that the WorldWar Zombie sound works way better than the Walking Dead one – it does give a bit of a soar throat but really…

  • Naked Wookiee

    Naked Wookiee

    After completing my 6th wookiee I have pretty much settled for the mesh suit design. Straight extra long legs, longer sleeves with hand covers, extra large elastic band at the waist with press button for the suspenders. I have just added the boot covers and a skull hood to make the work easier. The sizes…

  • Dancing Trooper

    Dancing Trooper

    I’m a big kid and I love to play with my toys !

  • imperial sleepwear

    imperial sleepwear

    The tee, pants and sleepers… vader is a master of self-branding !