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  • China Game Convention -PT2

    China Game Convention -PT2

    By far my favourite costume… the zombie trooper and since I had an extra officer suit at hand, I made the imperial officer version of the zombie. Also figured out that the WorldWar Zombie sound works way better than the Walking Dead one – it does give a bit of a soar throat but really…

  • China Game Convention- PT 01- Wookiee

    China Game Convention- PT 01- Wookiee

    Have not trooped in convention since SWC Chicago, it was fun being back in the crowd (safely with vaccine and mask and all). Always nice to see other troopers and their newest build. Obviously also great to share a “wookiee” with the crowd and the other troopers…instant hugs

  • M-A-W Shanghai

    M-A-W Shanghai

    Due to my injuries and covid-19 I have stayed away from trooping since last December. Even with things getting much better in China and being able to pretty much resume life – I am still keeping some distances from public events, BUT when M-A_W makes a request for a wookiee I simply cannot refuse…just trooping…

  • China Premiere ROTS

    China Premiere ROTS

    It was a long wait for the conclusion of the Saga, I enjoyed it very much. It was a fitting conclusion, there was a lot to love about it. The local garrison was treated to the Premiere by Disney, had a chance to induct our very first actor as a Honorary member, have a chat…

  • Singapore CC

    Singapore CC

    December 2019, last travel of the year for Singapore comic con and first troop with the Cathar Rebel Base where I am now officially affiliated with. I took Old Rex and the new Rebel Fleet Trooper on the road for quick changes and bring some variety to the booth. Excellent welcome as usual by the…

  • What Happened in Tokyo …

    What Happened in Tokyo …

    I flew to Tokyo for the Comic Con and meeting with the local troops. It was supposed to be a week-end of Fun, laugh and good old scaring people. It started that way, but lugging two suitcases full of gears in the Tokyo overcrowded transit system might not have been the greatest idea. I got…

  • Porsche Taycan Event Shanghai

    Porsche Taycan Event  Shanghai

    I was extremely lucky to be part of the unveiling event for the new Porsche Taycan in Shanghai November 2019. These were two days of rehearsal and dressing up and down ( I got my TK dressing skills to 4.35minutes without help at this point)…. and 2 minutes on stage. Still a great experience; I…

  • -IB- New Shanghai Studio

    -IB- New Shanghai Studio

    They say if you do something you love it will never feel like work… and it is true because although I probably spend 60 hours working on -IB- it does not feel like working. And between design contract, commissioned work and -IB- it is “work” every day of the week and week-end including when I…

  • Old Rex Out

    Old Rex Out

    Old rex is a character strictly for fans; he appeared in the Rebels animated series and I loved it since then. He is the reason I let me bear grow so that I could portray him in a more natural way. Of course while trooping he is not the general crowd show stopper like the…

  • Old Rex Trooped !

    Old Rex Trooped !

    I completed the Old Rex costume almost two years ago, never got a chance to take it out; the Wookiee is too popular. No longer ! CCG Shanghai 2019 is the event that I used to get him out for the first time. Not sure if it will become one that often sees trooping sessions,…

  • May the 4th at Lucasfilm

    May the 4th at Lucasfilm

    What a great opportunity; traveling to Singapore, meet with 501st/RL friends and share two trooping together… one of which at Lucasfilm ! A bit emotional too since the sad news of Peter Mayhew’s passing reached us the morning of that day. I almost did not take the Wookiee with me; so glad I did. This…



    My new zombie trooper was ready to take the floor at Celebration Chicago. I took it for a spin and a few hundred pictures later I received some awesome shots from people. A few lesson learned:1. People Love the Zombie and the costume2. Time goes fast when you are stop every 2 seconds for a…

  • CELEBRATION 2019 vol.4

    CELEBRATION 2019 vol.4

    People, Celebration is all about meeting people and sharing your passion. Some people you will meet for 3 seconds just for a laugh, others you will strike a conversation , others you will eat and drink with… It is a time where you can actually meet people from all over the world which you would…

  • CELEBRATION 2019 vol.3

    CELEBRATION 2019 vol.3

    Large Props is the heart of a true Star Wars convention and while this year things felt disconnected from each other there was no shortage of great photo ops to be getting during the event including life size Xwing, Tie Fighter, speedbike and GAV Tank … the best being the Millenium Falcon walk-in.

  • CELEBRATION 2019 vol.2

    CELEBRATION 2019 vol.2

    The show floor is where all the vendors and exhibitors are and mostly all the costuming actions, large props … Part taking in panels is not something I tend to do for various reasons one of which is I like to troop… this means I am in costume, this also means I do not have…

  • CELEBRATION 2019 vol.1

    CELEBRATION 2019 vol.1

    Celebration is THE Star Wars event not to be missed, just as big as SDCC but Star Wars ONLY. Been going there since CE2 in Essen and it is certainly a yearly highlight for what I do and to meet with the community not only I belong to but also “serve”. 2019 event takes Place…

  • Wookiee Field Day

    Wookiee Field Day

    M-A-W contacted the local 501st/RL to have an event and of course I would take the Wookiee out for this. It is always a pleasure to be out for Charity, even more so when you are in a costume that connects emotionally with the crowd … aside from the zombie trooper, only the Wookiee can…

  • On The Road: Sydney Comic Con

    On The Road: Sydney Comic Con

    I was lucky enough to be invited by the Southern Cross Garrison to visit them during this year OzComicCon Sydney. It was very special to be welcomed and part of this really fun week-end. I met some really great people and I look forward to my next visit ! I took “Jules the zombie” for…

  • M-A-W Shanghai

    M-A-W Shanghai

    It is always a privilege when you have a chance to help bring a smile to kids. Most of the time it is during public events , comic con, … in few occasion we get to go the extra miles for the charity events. It was awesome to be involved in Shanghai Make A Wish…

  • Happy 50th Alex

    Happy 50th Alex

    I’ve always felt much welcome at the Singapore Garrison; some really cool people there. I was really happy and honored with Alex invited me for his 50th Bday bash…a blast !Extra Bonus meeting with some “legends” of the prop making community Luke from JJ industries and Jimmiroquai…. So much fun and so much Porg !

  • Columbia …

    Columbia …

    January was a quick 2 men troop at Columbia to help them promote the Star Wars limited edition gears … fun to troop “privato” and to mentor the new trooper on his very first outing.

  • TLJ China Premiere

    TLJ China Premiere

    There has been a few moments of being proud to be a wookiee … see kids smile, getting misty eyes from fan meeting me, my daughter telling her friend “dad is a wookiee”… But this was priceless. RianCJonhson in the middle of stage interview at the China Premiere realizing a Wookiee was sitting first row…

  • Shanghai Comic Con 2017 – XenoFun

    KiKi Ze Alienne on the show floor during SHCC 2017 making new friends.

  • TheRedShirtTrooper @ Shanghai Comic Con

    TheRedShirtTrooper @ Shanghai Comic Con
  • Beijing ComicCon: Chewbacca

    Beijing ComicCon: Chewbacca

    Great two days, several sessions with the walking carpet. Unfortunately wearing Chewiee is not as easy as say a spiderman, batman, deadpool … it’s hot …damn hot inside , I literally sweat a small bucket wearing this! And of course the shoe lifts do not make it nearly as mobile as I would love it to be……

  • InHouse vol.13

    InHouse vol.13

    Got interviewed by swire group’s InHouse magazine. Thanks to Ru Brown for his amazing pictures !

  • Great Wall stunt !

    Great Wall stunt !

    The official launch of Star Wars China promotion last November, hundreds of Stormtroopers on the steps of the great wall, a really cool sight for sure.

  • Tian An Men

    Tian An Men

    Their are only a couple of stormtrooper who got their pictures on TianAnMen Square… I am one of them !

  • Shanghai ComicCon 2015

    Shanghai ComicCon 2015

    That was last year and I got box duty 2 days in a row !

  • Helmet Display

    Helmet Display

    Acrylic boxes just make the display of my helmets that much “precious”

  • The Wookiee is out!!!

    The Wookiee is out!!!
  • Celebration Anaheim

    Celebration Anaheim

    A few pictures from the Redshirt Trooper in Celebration Anaheim