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    So I placed all the design I have made ( SW related of course) on Tee public. Head to to get yours !

  • The Studio

    The Studio

    A partial view of Red2 Studio where most of ImperialBoots works takes place and then some!

  • -IB- New Shanghai Studio

    -IB- New Shanghai Studio

    They say if you do something you love it will never feel like work… and it is true because although I probably spend 60 hours working on -IB- it does not feel like working. And between design contract, commissioned work and -IB- it is “work” every day of the week and week-end including when I…

  • Propel … OMG

    yes I used OMG and you will do too the day you get a propel Star Wars battle drone. These things are beautiful, fast, full of surprises and you can battle against others ( up to 12 players) for real ! They are extremely well designed, and the ergonomics is spot on. You can also…

  • Sticky Business

    Sticky Business

    I developed good skills for building X-wing helmet and making them looked distressed so it was but evident that I needed to work on making the stickers so I could have more options than Red5 when making a helmet. The results many sticker sets for the original pilots. Now that Rogue one is out I…

  • T-shirts…


    The nice thing about mixing passion with skills is that you can create things for you. IN my cases a lot of design for T-shirt ( or polo in my case) . Here is a retrospective of what I have done so far . ..

  • Making a Pilot Part.02

    After the built, the painting… and I made a few mistakes at first and kinda had to do a reset, as usual one step front 2 steps back…as it happens when you learn something new. That being said, the weathering technique I learned for this project turned out amazing !  

  • what is the 501st?

    This is the question I get so often when I say “I’m a trooper in the Legion 501”.  Of course being a member it is easy to forget that many people just do not know us, we are yet to be a name brand ( although we are on the right path). We are 10000…

  • Ipad Sketching

    Ipad Sketching

    just found some old sketches I made with paper53 and my ipad mini

  • Stickers: the planet car stickers

    Stickers: the planet car stickers
  • Tee: Shanghai 2015

    Tee: Shanghai 2015
  • Flat Icon: Classic Star Wars

    Flat Icon: Classic Star Wars