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  • The Studio

    The Studio

    Back in 2021 I relocated the studio closer to home; in case of covid lockdown it felt easier and safer than having to drive over an hour both ways. So I moved to a much smaller place, with enough space to work, display all of the projects and allow garrison mates and friends to pop…

  • Aldhani Trooper PT1: armor

    Aldhani Trooper PT1: armor

    One of my preferred character in Andor, the aldhani trooper is obviously a must project. Two parts the armor and soft parts. This here is reminiscent of the mud trooper front/back plate, biceps are same as for shore/tanker/etc… the shoulder obviously mud trooper based on the deathtrooper from Rogue1. I Very much like the fact…

  • AxeWove Commission

    AxeWove Commission

    Love working on DeathWatch since it allows me to do so much weathering on clothing. First by dyeing the clothes “imperfectly” on purpose giving them each their unique look. Then working with the “spices” to make them look (and smell) great … and of course the armor paint job…

  • Medic Trooper

    Medic Trooper

    An incredible concept drawing by a fan introduced the Medic Trooper, one that clearly should be on screen … so years of building experience to work with conceptual drawing in order to bring life to it properly, choosing the right era for accessories, the right design pattern etc… It was also exciting to work with…

  • Look At my Ball

    Look At my Ball

    So I printed a training ball, glued and painted it just to realize I forgot some part !!! On the upside I got the base colour right and it still looks quite good so not all is lost.

  • BBQ (incinerator) Trooper

    BBQ (incinerator) Trooper

    This was a fun project. Working with the classic TK armor to build the incinerator trooper. Of course the character became viral after season one of the Mandalorian and I do hope to make one WITH the R1TK armor parts once I put my hands on it… There were a few interesting finds during this…

  • Childhood Memories: SpaceTrooper Pt01

    Childhood Memories: SpaceTrooper Pt01

    Like anyone of my Generation, I grew up with the Star Wars toys. At twenty something I did the dumb thing to sell them off. For the past year or so I have been trying to recollect exactly what I had and start buying these back whenever I can find. The most iconic of all…

  • Clones Repaint

    Clones Repaint

    What do you do when your 9+ years clone armor have yellowed out and sort of not look that great anymore? I got two clone armors and helmets dropped at the studio for a total facelift… Definitely more extensive work than I originally expected.

  • Jaina Solo

    Jaina Solo

    Commission work for a lady trooper here in Shanghai. The helmet is just one part of the total custom job done; I replicated the chestbox, the jumpsuit, falkvest, ejection strap …

  • TK Concept – Bad Batch

    TK Concept – Bad Batch

    I love ALL Star Wars , Movies, Series , Animated … I take it all and if I like something I will build it. With the Bad Batch Animated, we got introduce to the “TK” with a rendition of the RMQ concept and of course I started working on printing one … what a look…

  • Droid Heads

    Droid Heads

    A whole droid is often difficult to keep at home, but a few heads look great on shelves or next to helmets. So I started these with more to come. SLA450 RESIN printer and of course hand painted at the studio .

  • ICAT Helmet 02

    ICAT Helmet 02

    It did not take long before the first helmet left the studio and a second one was printed and painted… and before it was finished already found a new home, expect a ICAT helmet 03 in the very near future

  • DeathWatch Bust

    DeathWatch Bust

    Another one of my favourite character in the Mando series is the Season 01 Deathwatch. The Live action characters are so well designed and wear such unique colours- This bust is for my private collection, a few details left to fix but it is already one that will stick with me for a long while…

  • Mud Trooper Bust

    Mud Trooper Bust

    working on the mud trooper bust with new weathering techniques for both the armor and the clothing. respirator is progressing, helmet done, next goggles!. SLA450 RESIN Printed – the armor is printed as one piece

  • Weathering clothe

    Weathering clothe

    A great costume needs to have “lived” so that it can sell the character you are portraying. The same way you would apply weathering to an armour, your soft parts needs attention too. Step 01: WASH // wash the parts a couple of times to get the new fabric shine out. Wash with clear water…

  • BR-4D – my Pitt Droid

    BR-4D – my Pitt Droid

    Another addition to the droid crowd is the new pit droid I have decided to name BR-4D and if it is not official in the canon maybe it should be 🙂 Printed in the SLA450 printer and assembled /painted in the studio; Br-4D is great at fixing Gonky

  • Gonky Gonk

    Gonky Gonk

    Always wanted to have a Gonk droid; now that I have done the first one I realize how big these things are! Definitely need space to display something like that; Good thing is you got cargo space inside that baby…

  • BESKAR: This is the way

    BESKAR: This is the way

    What I love about making these props is the challenge that each build bring; sometimes it is new material you need to work with, sometimes new building techniques and sometimes painting. I learned airbrushing for my Lando bust- for this Mandalorian Beskar armor it is working with graphite powder. Print > Sand > Prime >…

  • Lando Skiff Guard Bust

    Lando Skiff Guard Bust

    This character I remember was one of my all time favourite kenner toy. I have always loved it and it was on the top of my list of things I wanted to do in terms of costume. Skip to last Celebration in Chicago and I did get a plaque signed by Billy D Williams in…

  • 3D printed Busts

    3D printed Busts

    The idea is to print a one piece of 1:1 ratio Chest+backplate complete with the shoulder strapping with crisp details and visual accuracy, to put on a XIBIT display bust with specific clothing and accessories. In this case working on both a Shore and Tank Trooper.

  • Wookiee Skull Part 01

    Wookiee Skull Part 01

    I have made a few Wookiees over the years soon #9 will start production.The one part of the wookiee that has always been more complicated to do is of course the skull; one part being fibreglass and the silicon skin that goes atop.  In my early years as an arbor builder I was intimidated with…

  • Imperial Fleet Trooper

    Imperial Fleet Trooper

    you glimpse and you miss it in SOLO but that character has so much going for it I could not resist. There are no official CRL due to the lack of “clear image of the back piece”, However I am fairly confident this is what it looks like ; a mix between the death start…

  • 3P0 Bust – Part02

    3P0 Bust – Part02

    Major update; 3 coat of spray paints , 2 different gold Flame burning part of the paintAirbrushing details Cables and gasket installed.

  • Jakku Sandspeeder

    Jakku Sandspeeder

    the sandspeeder was originally introduced by hasbro as part of toys during the OT release. 35+ years later they were brought back by Lego in an exclusive set and quickly seen in Battelfront 2. There is a visual queue in TFA when Rey plays with a salvaged Xwing helmet which is attributed to a sandspeeder…

  • Reporting for duty

  • BUST a move

    BUST a move

    Last year I started a new project for collectors with the launch of a helmet stand. Then we thought a bust to display and contextualize a helmet could be something visually stunning so we started on that project. Skip a few months of back and forth , changes and a first pre-production batch I was…

  • AT-ACT Helmet

    AT-ACT Helmet

    I have build many tankers (note to self don’t get too cocky about it you screwed up your last one’s legs) – so alongside the tanker I decided to go for the AT-ACT which is really only a helmet and a slightly different paint job on the shoulder bell. So helmet printed and started the…

  • 3P0 Bust – PART 01

    3P0 Bust – PART 01

    Yes droids are amazing and no I was never the biggest 3P0 fan ; actually my preferred droids are K2-S0 (Rogue 1) and Chopper ( Rebels Animated) these two have amazing personalities. However as a builder/collector I cannot deny that 3p0 is a must have and I decided to focus on a bust. Got the…

  • Wookiee Bust

    Wookiee Bust

    The Collector Bust is the new product I am launching soon. It is meant to be a new way to display props and contextualize it in their “real” environment. We are working on clothing and accessories to fit the bust to give a “real feel” when people drop their props on it. I though I…

  • Death Trooper MK2

    Death Trooper MK2

    My original Death Trooper is still in Japan and with the current state of things around the world, I have cancelled all my travels. ironically although I do not have any events planned in 2020 anymore, I just felt annoyed without my zombie armor here. So I decided to go ahead and make a second…

  • Naked Wookiee

    Naked Wookiee

    After completing my 6th wookiee I have pretty much settled for the mesh suit design. Straight extra long legs, longer sleeves with hand covers, extra large elastic band at the waist with press button for the suspenders. I have just added the boot covers and a skull hood to make the work easier. The sizes…

  • Wookiee MK6 : roaar

    Wookiee MK6 : roaar

    A new wookiee is almost born. Improved technique means a bit faster, new hair really adds to the general look. I am reasonably happy with this one and it might very well be the one I keep for myself this time around. I guess the best part remains what I call the “wookiee zen zone”…

  • Tanker MK5 commissioned work

    Tanker MK5 commissioned work

    Got an order in for a Tank trooper, received the BSP kit from the trooper and started to build, pretty straight forward work except for the vambrace the owner had already cut way too much …pretty much the last think to be done at this point …every build has its challenges.

  • RMQ Vader : when disaster Strikes

    RMQ Vader : when disaster Strikes

    I got myself a Ralph McQuaries Vader concept helmet. It was an opportunity and I thought why not. It arrived in ok conditions but immediately realized the inner gel coat was brittle and separating from the main cast, it became evident with the tip of the brow broke for no reasons. I could fix that…

  • Old Rex MK2 is a go

    Old Rex MK2 is a go

    Since I am a member of the Cathar Base Singapore, I decided to leave my Old Rex Armor to a friend there so when I am due for a trooping I do not have to lug my armor. However I do love the character so I decided to make a second set to keep with…

  • Mando-Low


    So far I have been building heavily for the 501st and the Rebel Legion. The third club that I wanted to approach was the Mando Mercs. I must admit I do not have any urge to build a Boba Fett, and few other canon mandos have attracted my attention. However the great thing about the…

  • Veers – At-At Commander

    Veers – At-At Commander

    At Celebration Chicago, amongst others Plak(c) I had signed, one was by Julian Glover, the actor who played general veers. I was going to buy the helmet to get it on display…but one thing leading to another, I eventually bought the entire armor. The build was easy enough until I realized that many of the…

  • Shore Trooper Armor PT01

    Shore Trooper Armor PT01

    I have been eyeing this character for a while ; although I liked it I was always drawn to the Tanker more. However after building 5 tankers I felt I needed to “diversify” and the shore was an obvious choice. I decided to go for the captain version of the Shore because the colour coding…

  • Shadow Guard ?

    Shadow Guard ?

    The SW EU has this character known as the Shadow Guard, similar to the red guard but looking more “armored”. I was not planning on doing this but then there was this left over Kit floating around that was the same price as just a helmet… but in pink. I decided to buy the whole…

  • Red Guard Helmet

    Red Guard Helmet

    The red guard is not necessarily a costume that I felt I really wanted but the helmet has always been highly attractive to me. My theory is that the reminiscent cylon look of it is what sold me off. So I got an ABS kit and started to build. Not an overly complicated build, maybe…



    Always been a huge fan of the Clone Wars Animated and one of the costume I really wanted to make has been a clone trooper. It pushed that project back for years until now. Seeing that I am working on this 20/20 project and that I needed to complete more costumes, it was a no…

  • Resistance Helmet

    Resistance Helmet

    At Celebration I had a Plak(c) signed for Snap Wexley. Not really intending to do the whole costume but I grabbed a hasbro black series Poe Dameron Helmet and reworked it to be Snap’s colours.

  • Rebel Backpack

    Rebel Backpack

    In continuation with my current fascination for custom paint job inspired by the rebel Xwing helmet I thought it would be fun to make a backpack. I bought a ANOKA hardshell biker bag and proceeded. Love this bag ! definitely protecting my laptop from those airplane-overhead-luggage crushing-pusher!

  • MSE- mouse droid

    MSE- mouse droid

    Been looking at building a droid for a while but as always space is an issue so I decided to start small with a mouse droid. I build it then decided to make it truly my own but moving away from the traditional all black Imperial look to a rough green rebel look. Next step…

  • Happy Accident

    Happy Accident

    One thing I have learned from my design workflow is that I need to experiment to “stumble” upon the right design solution… and I apply that in costume making. I was not happy with the undersuit of my zombie trooper; the latex skin patches were ok but too many miss-match in colors and with the…



    SOLO ( a Star Wars Story) had a great trooper which I found excessively well done with a very deep connection with world war 1 trench battles: The mud trooper. I purchased the armor kit and admittedly it is not the most challenging build I have ever done. But once finished the fun starts with…

  • Show me your Wookiee

    Show me your Wookiee

    I have made several Wookiees thus far, and got face mask from all the very talented makers out there. I Love working on a Wookiee as it forces me to take it slow and think … in an odd way I find it therapeutical. So As I work on this new mask I decided it…

  • Weathering : Blue Squadron

    Weathering : Blue Squadron

    working on completing the blue squadron costume. This time is all about weathering and distressing the jumpsuit.

  • Training Day: 1 hour Challenge

    Training Day: 1 hour Challenge

    Last minute change of mind from the daughter about Halloween…now she wants a costume  and I only have one hour before trick-or-treating ! All that zombie watching /making came handy !

  • Red Devil Helmet

    Red Devil Helmet

    Thanks to RS Prop Master I was provided a lovely blank Swing helmet and decided to get inspired by the design of classic helmet while making this one special : Black Yellow Red – my country’s flag (Belgium) and of course give homage to our national soccer team ” The Red Devils”

  • A-wing Part02

    A-wing Part02

    Worked a second A-wing , more personalized with some “improvised” greeblies and a great find from Ikea: cable management tube worked miracle in the back of the helmet !  

  • Y-Wing 02

    Y-Wing 02

    Got my hands on a new Y-wing helmet and decided to make an all-blue theme paint job . Turned out pretty nice.

  • The Trooping Dead- Season 02

    The Trooping Dead- Season 02

    I wanted the helmet to be reasonably scary but not so much that kids would have instant nightmares. I also wanted to show some tech parts of the helmet guts…after all they are supposed to be lined with cables etc… There is a plastic zombie face mask hiding the real face when wearing it, and…

  • The Trooping Dead- Season 01

    The Trooping Dead- Season 01

    The Death Trooper, as it is known, is a stormtrooper zombie from the novel ” Death Trooper” (duh)  and since every year I try to make something a bit “different” ( remember Alien last year)  I decided to have a go at it. However I wanted to make it realistic enough so that I could…

  • REX…just older

    REX…just older

    Always wanted to make a clone trooper… then when I saw old Rex in Star Wars Rebels I knew that was the one for me. I finally made it and that was a really fun build and paint job to do. This one is definitely a keeper; especially because it is so comfy ( once…

  • Shadow Trooper

    Shadow Trooper

    Since I was approached to build a shadow trooper I decided to take pictures of the whole process. from unboxing the kit to lining up parts, trimming, cutting, snapping, prepping, lining, glueing and fitting. One thing I like to do is to glue the inside of the parts with left over plastic parts I salvages…

  • Xenomorph…because break time !

    Xenomorph…because break time !

    I’m all about Star Wars, this is all about Star Wars…except when it is not and I need to get working with new materials and challenge myself to a complete other kind of build: Introducing the Xenomorph. I was lucky enough to find an amazingly talented prop maker dedicated to the world of Alien and…

  • New satchel for my Wookiee

    New satchel for my Wookiee

    The first satchel I had is nice but after a few trooping I felt the need to make it even more screen accurate. I wanted the full round effect and the oversize d-ring holder. I wanted to make it look rough and I wanted to make a new bandolier  with EVA blocks. The screen accurate…

  • Some leatherworks fun

    Some leatherworks fun

    When I first started to work with leather it was very intimidating…I am far from being the best at this out there but I do really enjoy working with leather and making “simple” stuff. This time around two new styles of holsters.

  • Ground Crew- R1

    Rogue One is a treasure throve of new costumes and they all show a lineage  a true legacy to what was the OT. The Ground Crew is one of these really beautiful one that can be worn by both Male/Female. A fun build, not too complicated but enough to give you the challenge of putting…

  • Lego Break … is it?!!

    Lego Break … is it?!!

    I love lego’s especially the Star Wars collector edition ; these pack major brick power… and waste days to build; not good for any relationships for sure. Between these two there is nearly 6000 pieces assembled.

  • Tanker V2…

    Tanker V2…
  • Imperial Tanker V2

    Imperial Tanker V2

    I love this guy too much so I got myself another kit , ABS this time, and started building it with a few novelties. Magnetic closure, replaceable EVA foam the side, velcro removable neck collar… maximum flexibility for more compact packing when travelling.

  • Hover Tank Trooper

    Hover Tank Trooper

    So I decided to get into Rogue One build and that means my all time favourite the Tank Trooper. Forget the Death Trooper, you cannot see Sh%$7 ; the tank trooper is rough, battled, dirty and full of grits and that’s what I love so much about it.

  • Rebel Helmets

    Rebel Helmets

    After my initial red5 x-wing helmet build I realised that I actually enjoyed making these helmets because of their paint job. I found it refreshingly fun to build and paint a helmet that had been “battle damaged”. So Came the Y-wing and the A-wing alongside other xWing …

  • Y-wing Rebel fighter Pilot helmet

    Y-wing Rebel fighter Pilot helmet

    I am an imperial at heart because their costumes really talk to the designer in me, the repetition, use of negative space, uniformity… all that is linked to who I am and what I do in life. That being said I must admit that building the Red five X-wing helmet talked to my inner artist;…

  • Stormtrooper costume …

    Stormtrooper costume …

    Following the post on Bad Star Wars in China and how costume are very loosely put together for commercial events, I decided to show new troopers what could not possibly work and how details are important using a picture of yet another ( albeit already “better”) stormtrooper wrongly put together 

  • Making a Pilot Part.01

    Making a Pilot Part.01

    I have stepped into the light(side) and started my first rebel helmet build. Of course it is an X-wing … but which one? Outer shell built, stickers applied and ready for painting…

  • Imperial Binder holster

    Imperial Binder holster

    Disney released a cool toy, the imperial binder; I modded them to have a magnet closing system and then made that holster as requested by fellow troopers.

  • The Belt..

    I really love working with leather, such a noble material although quite unforgiving. It is just a shame I need to reprint the belt buckle!  

  • Finally !

    Finally !

    The redshirttrooper got is display mannequin ! Been a while but it finally got here.

  • Pattern Making

    Pattern Making

      The solo belt pattern making. Can’t be working with quality leather if I don’t have the paper pattern …

  • Leather: what a find !

    Leather: what a find !

    Was shopping for some cowhide and found this gorgeous new zealand sheepskin; also came across the perfect thread ! Old Han jacket is a go !

  • DL-44


    3D printed DL-44 ESB Han Solo varian, this is much better than resin counterparts, way lighter and easier to build.

  • Helmet: Imperial Navy

    Helmet: Imperial Navy

    That thing is just M A S S I V E  

  • Leather: jedi Belts

    Leather: jedi Belts

    6 full jedi costumes commissioned for a major event, all done quite nicely and beautiful belts made to complete the soft parts.

  • History: tusken

    History: tusken

    The tusken raider was the 4th costume I worked on and I must say on of the most fun to complete… all that weathering. My trick tons of nescafe in a spray bottle and enough sun to make it dry fast !  

  • Leather: MSPB holster

    Leather: MSPB holster

    Latest addition to my collection of hand made and stitched blaster holster…

  • Helmet: Gunner…

    Helmet: Gunner…

    I wish they had a grey gunner…the primer coating makes the helmet look awesome in grey ! Maybe I can make a the GreyHelmetTrooper !

  • Helmet: Tie Pilot

    Helmet: Tie Pilot

    Buy kit, cut, trim, fit, glue, screw, sand, prep, sand, prep…ready for paint

  • Leather: E11 holster

    Leather: E11 holster

    One of my creation …

  • History: the very first props I made

    History: the very first props I made

    My first two costumes: 181st Pilot and Imperial Officers, most importantly the first small props I started to make a sell.  

  • Boba Vans

    Boba Vans

    Hand Painted with the ocular of your favorite Sarlaac Lunch