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February 23, 2017
Design Evolution Part 01
After starting the third armour of the GAV Commander of Rogue One, I decided to…
February 15, 2017
Oh Glorious crap…
Yes China has copycats, bootlegs, replicas, shanzai… all of different degrees of quality and build.…
January 25, 2017
Propel … OMG
yes I used OMG and you will do too the day you get a propel…
January 25, 2017
Sticky Business
I developed good skills for building X-wing helmet and making them looked distressed so it…
January 10, 2017
You don’t know the power of the Dark Side….
Actually I do , 10000mAh
January 10, 2017
Lego Break … is it?!!
I love lego’s especially the Star Wars collector edition ; these pack major brick power……
January 10, 2017
Tanker V2…
January 10, 2017
Imperial Tanker V2
I love this guy too much so I got myself another kit , ABS this…
January 10, 2017
more WTFake troopers in China and it’s getting annoying
Hey LFL/Disney I know there is no such thing as bad publicity, that China can…
January 10, 2017
421 Limited
I was brought on board 1.5 years ago and how far have we come already…
January 10, 2017
Rogue One Red Carpet Beijing
It was cold, damn polluted (as in her to see anything) and our plane was…
December 14, 2016
Hover Tank Trooper
So I decided to get into Rogue One build and that means my all time…
December 14, 2016
3D printing: Hover Tank Trooper
This one is a beauty and one of my favourite helmet ! And these are…
November 7, 2016
Redemption Team : first live meet-up
“Redemption” is a project that took place between Beijing and Shanghai. I was in Shanghai…
November 7, 2016
Rebel Helmets
After my initial red5 x-wing helmet build I realised that I actually enjoyed making these…
October 24, 2016
“Redemption” fan film…
Last June at Beijing Comic Con quite a few people came to take pictures with…
October 5, 2016
The nice thing about mixing passion with skills is that you can create things for…
September 27, 2016
Making a Pilot Part.02
After the built, the painting… and I made a few mistakes at first and kinda…
September 21, 2016
what is the 501st?
This is the question I get so often when I say “I’m a trooper in…
September 21, 2016
X-wing helmet RAE
I was commissioned to do another two X-wing helmet; another “Red Five” Luke Skywalker and…
September 21, 2016
Y-wing Rebel fighter Pilot helmet
I am an imperial at heart because their costumes really talk to the designer in…
September 21, 2016
Stormtrooper costume …
Following the post on Bad Star Wars in China and how costume are very loosely…
September 21, 2016
What’s in a Jedi costume?
I’ve been asked that question many times and really it depends on the character. Some…
June 28, 2016
Thanks Michelle
The downside of making so many costumes is that you get to a point where…
June 11, 2016
Beijing ComicCon: Chewbacca
Great two days, several sessions with the walking carpet. Unfortunately wearing Chewiee is not as easy…
June 8, 2016
Star Wars in China … the ugly !
When fans around the world gathered in the 70’ies to celebrate Star Wars by making…
June 7, 2016
Fresh from the printer..this summer polo design
every season I design new polos …because that’s what I wear quasi exclusively.  This season…
June 7, 2016
Dancing Trooper
I’m a big kid and I love to play with my toys !
May 18, 2016
Making a Pilot Part.01
I have stepped into the light(side) and started my first rebel helmet build. Of course…
May 18, 2016
InHouse vol.13
Got interviewed by swire group’s InHouse magazine. Thanks to Ru Brown for his amazing pictures…
May 18, 2016
Imperial Binder holster
Disney released a cool toy, the imperial binder; I modded them to have a magnet…
May 5, 2016
The Belt..
I really love working with leather, such a noble material although quite unforgiving. It is…
May 5, 2016
Ipad Sketching
just found some old sketches I made with paper53 and my ipad mini
May 5, 2016
Sculpting Bossk
I had to have a go at sculpting, first try Bossk and the end result…
May 1, 2016
Star Wars LP
classic British Band LP cover re-imagined in the Star Wars Universe
May 1, 2016
Finally !
The redshirttrooper got is display mannequin ! Been a while but it finally got here.
May 1, 2016
Pattern Making
  The solo belt pattern making. Can’t be working with quality leather if I don’t…
May 1, 2016
Tee: Shanghai 2015
May 1, 2016
Wookiee Draws
playing with the wookiee in different styles…
May 1, 2016
Playing is what we first do as kids and often the first thing we loose…
May 1, 2016
Great Wall stunt !
The official launch of Star Wars China promotion last November, hundreds of Stormtroopers on the…
May 1, 2016
Leather: what a find !
Was shopping for some cowhide and found this gorgeous new zealand sheepskin; also came across…
May 1, 2016
3D printed DL-44 ESB Han Solo varian, this is much better than resin counterparts, way…
May 1, 2016
Took my daughter to school as Casual Friday Vader…major WTH face on that lady !…
May 1, 2016
food inspiration ?
My daughter pointed out why I really like these cookies…look at the name!  That being…
May 1, 2016
Brick challenge
May 1, 2016
Tian An Men
Their are only a couple of stormtrooper who got their pictures on TianAnMen Square… I…
May 1, 2016
Shanghai ComicCon 2015
That was last year and I got box duty 2 days in a row !
May 1, 2016
Mini Vader Travels: Japan
May 1, 2016
imperial sleepwear
The tee, pants and sleepers… vader is a master of self-branding !
March 6, 2016
Helmet: Imperial Navy
That thing is just M A S S I V E  
March 6, 2016
Leather: jedi Belts
6 full jedi costumes commissioned for a major event, all done quite nicely and beautiful…
March 6, 2016
History: tusken
The tusken raider was the 4th costume I worked on and I must say on…
March 6, 2016
Leather: MSPB holster
Latest addition to my collection of hand made and stitched blaster holster…
March 6, 2016
Helmet: Gunner…
I wish they had a grey gunner…the primer coating makes the helmet look awesome in…
March 6, 2016
Helmet: Tie Pilot
Buy kit, cut, trim, fit, glue, screw, sand, prep, sand, prep…ready for paint
March 6, 2016
Leather: E11 holster
One of my creation …
March 6, 2016
History: the very first props I made
My first two costumes: 181st Pilot and Imperial Officers, most importantly the first small props…
March 6, 2016
Helmet Display
Acrylic boxes just make the display of my helmets that much “precious”
March 6, 2016
Boba Vans
Hand Painted with the ocular of your favorite Sarlaac Lunch
February 13, 2016
The Wookiee is out!!!
January 25, 2016
EPVII: China Opening Night
January 8th 11.50PM with the 501st mates…
January 25, 2016
EPVII : French Screening
For this one I went back to the same movie theatre I watched Return of…
January 25, 2016
EPVII Opening Week-end
December 18th 2016 Opening Week-End LLN
January 25, 2016
Belgium Premiere
December 16th 2016 : EPVII premiere in Brussels
January 5, 2016
Celebration Anaheim
A few pictures from the Redshirt Trooper in Celebration Anaheim  
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