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The (too) Many Stuff I Make

The workshop is constantly busy with new stuff being made; new busts, new helmets, new projects of all kinds.
The Blog section outlines the many stuff ongoing with pictures of the making process.

This is a repository of what is currently available and what is on display at the studio. Commission work is available, simply email me if you want to buy or If you want to enquire about a particular piece,


Busts is what I like most doing, it has enough details to make it look like it comes out of the movies while having the convenience of not needing a display mannequin. These are lifesize , meaning they are the size of an adult actor, They comes with actual fabric clothing and accessories;  They look stunning as a stand alone piece and even more impressive when 3 or more are put together.  Check the blog section for more pictures of the making process or different characters that have been done in the past. 


Here is a non-exhaustive gallery of costume I have made so far for myself. There are certainly a few more not shown here, nor have I placed any pictures of the ones I made for other troopers. 

I am not afraid of the challenge when it comes to create new costumes. Parts are sourced from the best prop makers around the world and custom build at the studio. 


I specialised in replication of sci-fi characters and props to be a memorable part of a collection. Each piece is carefully printed and hand painted according to each collector’s individual taste thus making sure that they are unique.


The 3D files are provided by the collectors or bought directly from digital artists. I holds no rights on the files or the character selected. The creative service offered primarily covers the preparation and hand painting of the finished piece.


Each piece is made to order. Once the final choice of character and finishes has been made, it can take up to 8 weeks before the selected piece is ready for shipping. To ensure the safest delivery possible, I use DHL to ship worldwide.



My Studio (R) is currently located in Shanghai. You are always welcome to drop by and visit to see my latest work.
If you want to enquire about a particular piece,  email me.

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