Dye Job

In the new Andor series the imperial troops on Aldhani introduce a brand new design of costume, one that is green ( later used as black on Ferrix). While rewatching the episodes to analyze that costume, it appeared evident to me that it was not your typical cotton, it defintely showed stretch ability and for a while I thought it might have been some linen based fabric due to the pattern. I was right about the stretch and wrong about the fabric since it was actually denim. So started the search for green denim; none of which had the right look or stretch or both…turns out production dyed the suits –

The search for stretch denim was fruitful enough except for the Dye job; it is hard to dye dark blue jeans… unless you dye the inner side; which actually turned out pretty good…especially to keep a slight blue hue to the final piece much like on screen.