Aldhani Trooper PT1: armor

One of my preferred character in Andor, the aldhani trooper is obviously a must project. Two parts the armor and soft parts. This here is reminiscent of the mud trooper front/back plate, biceps are same as for shore/tanker/etc… the shoulder obviously mud trooper based on the deathtrooper from Rogue1.

I Very much like the fact that it can be seen With and Without Armor, With and Without Helmet – depending on grade and assigment; overall a very versatile design.

Then comes my archenemy, the collar beautifull on screen but still a pain for me, even after building so many tankers/shore armor it is the part that I hate most. But this time I had a partial plate used for the Mimban officer and I’ve been thinking of using it to have a better fit, and perfect look.

The shoulder strip will cover /conceal the extra part and I just have to find the right “trick so that it fits seamleassly in the back plate…