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Childhood Memories: SpaceTrooper Pt01
Build vince / November 19, 2021

Like anyone of my Generation, I grew up with the Star Wars toys. At twenty something I did the dumb thing to sell them off. For the past year or so I have been trying to recollect exactly what I had and start buying these back whenever I can find. The most iconic of all being the TK… I scanned the figure I had and started thinking about what could be done with it… I wanted to make something that looks like an “art piece” so that I can display it at the office but can also give to some friends that are fan enough to want to showcase something SW at home without going into the obvious helmet, armor… which could vbe seen as “too much”.

Then the idea came to make a bust of the classic toy, I first did a 1:1 replica, blew it to make it lifesize then reduced it to about 30 cm high to fit on my helmet stands. Printed and painted 3 samples that looked awesome . So moved on to molding/casting…

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