Wookiee Skull Part 01

I have made a few Wookiees over the years soon #9 will start production.
The one part of the wookiee that has always been more complicated to do is of course the skull; one part being fibreglass and the silicon skin that goes atop. 

In my early years as an arbor builder I was intimidated with the thought of working with fiberglass and the whole process of skin making seemed daunting. This is why for the past 8 years I have always sourced my skulls from established makers. I’ve bought from EvilChimpFX, Ryan Ricks, Wookiee Workshop and of course Paul Humphries – and no I have not had Josh Beckett in hand but the work he does is definitely of the highest quality. My goto mask maker at this point is Paul; I like the size ratio of his skull and the skin is nicely even and thick. I also very much like his back recess. I honestly cannot recommend him enough. 

With everything that is happening around the world and the fact that I live 8000 miles away from the nearest prop maker things get more complicated when getting stuff in. 

So I have decided to use my years working on Wookiees to start on a digital skull and figure out the way to make the skin later. 

This is of course a personal project and should it work to completion my intend is not to be selling skulls;  it is really to allow myself to work on my own busts and build. 

So again if you need skulls and skin or finished head: Paul Humphries, Josh Becket, EvilChimpFX, Ryan Ricks, Wookiee Workshop.

The final aim: a skull that is close enough to a decent looking wookiee in size/proportion with set of unique features. I am not aiming for a replica of what was used in the movie nor  looking at the tiniest details but something that allows me to produce a good looking wookiee. Since it is done in 3D it gives me the opportunity to add some features that would make MY life easier; I have made a build with an inner dome and tactical padding in the past, tiny “hooks” the keep the mesh back piece in place, proper nose bridge and eye socket recess, maybe some electronics…

My digital modelling process: 

  1. Draw basic ideas
  2. Measurements 
  3. Preliminary Modelling
  4. Print test
  5. Adjustments
  6. Beta Print
  7. Build and test ( no skin )
  8. Work on the skin starting with Zbrush.