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What Happened in Tokyo …
Eventswhaaa? vince / November 27, 2019

I flew to Tokyo for the Comic Con and meeting with the local troops. It was supposed to be a week-end of Fun, laugh and good old scaring people. It started that way, but lugging two suitcases full of gears in the Tokyo overcrowded transit system might not have been the greatest idea. I got tired, frustrated, and forced on my back which I hurt a couple of month back when moving the studio.

Obviously I do blame myself for all the triggers: hurt my back but did not take appropriate measure then, over did with moving stuff around the studio during two month, took a plane to Haneda while Narita was closest to the venue, booked my hotel too late so I was 20 minutes away by subway from the venue, woke up with a very sore back which should have been a strong sign but insisted on trooping that day. And when I troop, I troop which meant 5 hours straight in costume with my usual bad habit of poor hydration… all my fault !

I paid for it dearly too; ending up at the ER at midnight, spending the Saturday stuck in bed at the hotel and having the worst flight back … one MRI later and the verdict is an issue with my L4/L5 … it sucks and it is all because i did not listen to my body! lesson learned and I will become an advocate of hydration and restrain in my future trooping…

back to lying down and taking pain killers.

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