Veers – At-At Commander

At Celebration Chicago, amongst others Plak(c) I had signed, one was by Julian Glover, the actor who played general veers. I was going to buy the helmet to get it on display…but one thing leading to another, I eventually bought the entire armor.

The build was easy enough until I realized that many of the greeblies were missing and off I was looking on the net to purchase press buttons and such to gut them into the necessary greeblies.

Painting as always is frustrating since it is outdoor and it seems that every time my upstair neighbors feel compelled to throw their sh^%$# out of the windows requiring me to redo. Usually I do not care because I tend to do weathering armor by this one needed to be spotless. Also the colour code I used Tamiya TS70 is the closest I could find locally which I believe maybe a tad too green – I will work for the purpose of this build by I can feel my OCD kicking in already…