So far I have been building heavily for the 501st and the Rebel Legion. The third club that I wanted to approach was the Mando Mercs. I must admit I do not have any urge to build a Boba Fett, and few other canon mandos have attracted my attention.

However the great thing about the mercs is that you can let your imagination work. I bought the armor and helmet with the intention to some work done. By the time it arrived I decided to get a complete new look on this by not using the actual armor but making the necessary parts out of 6oz leather. I topped it up with a biker vest over a black sport sweater; metal parts from both Boba Fett and Xwing pilots, a old cover from Ikea, a pair of brown tactical pants and Kylo ren style leather gloves.

The idea if to give the Mando and almost classic western look, it’s own unique vibe. While I am completely unsure i can be approved in the club with that build, it was very nice to think of a build in a different form and material, different techniques to make the parts pop and matching leather with metal parts.

Looking forward to be wearing this one of these days.