Shadow Trooper

Since I was approached to build a shadow trooper I decided to take pictures of the whole process. from unboxing the kit to lining up parts, trimming, cutting, snapping, prepping, lining, glueing and fitting.

One thing I like to do is to glue the inside of the parts with left over plastic parts I salvages from the trimming process. I feel it adds strength to the armor. For cosmetic purposes I cover the inner glue with soft velcro.

The other thing with the black armor is I did not feel confident using CA glue like I usually do, the zap kicker felt like it was going to potentially damage the surface so I went back to using PVC-U welding glue.

And of course I feel  having a shiny black armor will be a bitch to maintain; dust shows very fast, cannot use water to clean without leaving traces and scratches might be more evident than on a white armor… oh I love the Tank armor for it the more damaged it looks to more legit it is.

All that being said, it is a lovely piece and I feel confident the new owner will be happy with this build.