Thanks Michelle

The downside of making so many costumes is that you get to a point where you need the make room for more. Actually in my case I simply like to press the reset button once in a while.

Couple of months ago I decided it was time to let go of some of my costumes including Vader. That’s right I sold my Darth Vader costume and I must admit I was a bit emotional when the courier company picked it up to ship to the new owner…in Canada !

However I got this email today and it made my day
Hi Vincent –
I wanted to let you know after a lot of work to pad me up and some tweaks to the costume, I received my SL designation. For my first troop as Vader, we raised several hundred dollars to help child victims of domestic violence.  Thanks for selling me your costume and for being a trustworthy person.”

And this is what the 501st is about, camaraderie without border, troopers helping troopers and sharing a passion to help others.