Trooping Dead

starting @ 1990US$

Zombies are fun and Star Wars is awesome, and there is an actual “official” cross-over recognized by the 501st, the deathtrooper ( from the novel of the same name) .

Trooping as a zombie gives so much opportunities for interaction with the crowd, some scares, loads of laugh and definitely a totally out of the ordinary stormtrooper. Using all these trooping sessions as lessons I kept on improving the build for ease of use, mobility and possibly ultimate scare.

After a few people asked me, I’ve decided to use my skills and offer commission work in building a 501st approvable Deathtrooper.

The costume comes ready to wear, complete with the strapping system, distressed armor, helmet, skin suit, shoes and gloves. Each one is totally unique as it is is hand made, painted and distressed to emulate a zombie attack.

Barely Bitten: 1690 US$ + shipping

Light armor distress, regular black skin suit, regular neckseal, helmet lightly damaged, grey-ish. A solid starting base to further personalize yourself if wanted.

includes: helmet+armor+undersuit+neckseal +gloves+shoes+helmet stand

Zombie Do: 1990 US$ + Shipping

Medium Distress, some blood splats, bandage wrapper, skin suit with limited skin job, distressed neckseal with emulated skin job. Helmet Damaged with zombie face plate attached. Properly used this one will definitely allow you to scare more than a few.

includes: helmet+armor+undersuit+neckseal +gloves+shoes+helmet stand

Rotten Corpse: 2990 US$ + Shipping

Full Distress, large blood splats, bandage wrapper, skin suit with large emulated skin job, gloves with emulated skin job, full silicone mask. Helmet damaged and built to allow use of silicone mask.

includes: helmet+armor+undersuit+neckseal +gloves+shoes+helmet stand
Full face Silicone mask with front mid-chest and back neck

Because of its artisanal nature, expect the finished work to take about 6 weeks to be completed. 50% downpayment required upfront, second payment when ready to ship. No return accepted.
Shipped internationally via DHL exclusively.