After years of building armors, helmets and props, my personal build roster includes 9 Stormtroopers, 5 Tank Troopers, 3 Tie fighter pilot, 2 181 fighter pilot, 3 Tusken Raiders, 2 Death Trooper, 2 Imperial officers, 2 Imperial Gunners, 2 Navy trooper, 1 Reserve pilot, 1 Bridge crew, 1 Ground crew, 1 Imperial Guard, 1 Shadow Guard1 Mud Trooper, 1 At-St Driver, 1 At-At Commander, 1 Biker Scout… 5 Wookies, 4 Xwing Pilot, 1 Clone Trooper, 1 Old Rex, and so many various helmets, blasters and other accessories…

I also take commission work for people wanting to have a full costume build , finished and ready to wear. The full costume includes the soft parts (weathered when necessary), shoes, accessories, armor and helmet – all cut, assembled, painted and ready to go. All the parts are sourced from the world’s top prop makers and put together in my studio. Each process is documented and shared with the future owner.

Build time varies from 8 to 10 weeks.
65% Upfront payment required.
Every build is shipped in its own transport case.
All props hand painted and weathered.
Shipping worldwide via DHL or TNT.

I currently accept commission work for the following :
– X-wing Pilot OT with custom helmet paint job -1899US$+ shipping
– Death Trooper with realistic “skin suit” / under suit -2199US$+ shipping
– X-wing Pilot R1 with custom helmet paint job – 2299 US$+ shipping
– Tank Trooper ( needs an additional 2 weeks) – 2499 US$+ shipping

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