I AM mrV

I am a 1st generation fan (meaning I saw the original trilogy in theaters when it was first released – yes it also means I am old). I have spent a lifetime following the SWU which has greatly influenced who I am today.

I started with my first costume in 2010, completed it and got registered in the 501st in 2012. Since then I have build over 60 costumes for myself and others, actively engaged in prop making first as a hobby and then as a community driven project to support fellow troopers.

Although originally from Belgium I live in China where I run RED2 (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd which operate the -IB- brand.

In my spare time I do commission work building full costumes for people that feel they do not have the time or the skills but want to join the club. I also remind myself that I was once a visual designer by playing with graphic design — mostly on the SW Theme of course.