Being an active member of the 501st, I have been assigned with my own call sign and matriculation number. MrV for Vincent with a reminiscence of my years as an academic where my students would address me as “Mister”. TK represents a stormtrooper. 20100 ( twenty hundred) reads vingt cent in french ( my mother tongue) and obviously sounds like my name.

-IB- Head Honcho

-IB- ( is a place for members of the costuming community to get their highly accurate replica costumes. I am a trooper first and through the many years of building costume I have experiences some very frustrating situations with some vendors. -IB- is meant to be a place to find all your soft parts needs to easily complete a quality costume.

We work as artisans to produce clothes, shoes, gloves and accessories to complete full Star Wars costumes with the highest level of details. All our gear are approvable by the 501st and Rebel Legion. We started this in 2015 and now going towards our 5th year we can proudly say that we have helped hundreds of people fulfilling their dreams of being part of the Legion.


It started nearly 20 years ago when internet was still white pages with blue links… I spent 10 years teaching in a design school, 5 of them as the Academic Director.

I spent many teaching hours using Star Wars as a base for design theory. I also used Star Wars as reference for design practice (see below).

I do all the pretty visuals, both print and digital – play with photography and illustration.

I command the tools of the trade but still maverick around without photoshop!