Commission – Sale

I do commissioned work for people looking to acquire high quality Star Wars replica costumes. I research, source, purchase and build full costumes, including accessories and footwear. Price and time to completion obviously  varies from costume to costume. To date I have completed the following roster:

  • Chewbacca ( the only realistic one in China)
  • Original Trilogy Darth Vader ( ROTJ)
  • Original Trilogy Tie Fighter Pilot (ANH)
  • Original Trilogy Stormtrooper (ANH)
  • Original Trilogy Imperial Gunner (ROTJ)
  • Original Trilogy Imperial Security Bureau Officer (ANH)
  • Original Trilogy Navy Trooper (ANH)
  • Original Trilogy Tusken Raider (ANH sand people)
  • Original Trilogy X-wing Pilot
  • Original Trilogy X-wing Red 5 (Luke) – Helmet only
  • Original Trilogy B-wing pilot – Helmet only
  • Original Trilogy Y-wing pilot – Helmet only
  • Expanded Universe 181st Tie fighter Pilot
  • Expanded Universe Shadow Guard
  • Expanded Universe Jedi Knight
  • Expanded  Universe Generic Jedi
  • Prequel Trilogy Tusken Raider ( sand people)
  • Sequel Trilogy X-wing Rae (Rey’s salvage) – Helmet only (TFA)
  • Han Solo (TFA)
  • GAV (tank) Commander (R1)
  • Zombie Trooper

On occasions I have costumes or props that I am selling and I will list them below

WOOKIEE : 4975US$+ Shipping
+ Facemask
+ Top
+ Pants
+ Gloves
+ Walking boot System
+ Bandolier ( full leather)
+ Ammo boxes