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On The Road: Sydney Comic Con

I was lucky enough to be invited by the Southern Cross Garrison to visit them during this year OzComicCon Sydney. It was very special to be welcomed and part of this really fun week-end. I met some really great people and I look forward to my next visit ! I took “Jules the zombie” for his very first troop right after being approved by the 501st. All in all,  a great week end; well worth the ungodly 17 hours travel time to get there!

Scare Count: 32  Screamer: 18

M-A-W Shanghai

It is always a privilege when you have a chance to help bring a smile to kids. Most of the time it is during public events , comic con, … in few occasion we get to go the extra miles for the charity events. It was awesome to be involved in Shanghai Make A Wish event and see the strength and courage kids and their families display in front of such trials.

Happy 50th Alex

I’ve always felt much welcome at the Singapore Garrison; some really cool people there. I was really happy and honored with Alex invited me for his 50th Bday bash…a blast !Extra Bonus meeting with some “legends” of the prop making community Luke from JJ industries and Jimmiroquai….

So much fun and so much Porg !

Columbia …

January was a quick 2 men troop at Columbia to help them promote the Star Wars limited edition gears … fun to troop “privato” and to mentor the new trooper on his very first outing.

TLJ China Premiere

There has been a few moments of being proud to be a wookiee … see kids smile, getting misty eyes from fan meeting me, my daughter telling her friend “dad is a wookiee”… But this was priceless. RianCJonhson in the middle of stage interview at the China Premiere realizing a Wookiee was sitting first row and taking the picture ! Probably the closest thing from a SW Director to ever take an interest in me !

#LookAtMyWookiee #TheLastJedi #IlovePorgChops #PorgsTasteChewy


Beijing ComicCon: Chewbacca

Great two days, several sessions with the walking carpet. Unfortunately wearing Chewiee is not as easy as say a spiderman, batman, deadpool … it’s hot …damn hot inside , I literally sweat a small bucket wearing this! And of course the shoe lifts do not make it nearly as mobile as I would love it to be… MUST rework that part again ( hopefully third time will be a charm).