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Propel … OMG

yes I used OMG and you will do too the day you get a propel Star Wars battle drone. These things are beautiful, fast, full of surprises and you can battle against others ( up to 12 players) for real ! They are extremely well designed, and the ergonomics is spot on. You can also upgrade with actual laser for battling …

… But the real jaw dropping part is not even the drone, it’s the package ! It is amazing and I have never seen anything like this. If you do not want/care to buy, go to a store and ask to open the box!

Sticky Business

I developed good skills for building X-wing helmet and making them looked distressed so it was but evident that I needed to work on making the stickers so I could have more options than Red5 when making a helmet.

The results many sticker sets for the original pilots. Now that Rogue one is out I guess that means even more work in making new stickers.


The nice thing about mixing passion with skills is that you can create things for you. IN my cases a lot of design for T-shirt ( or polo in my case) . Here is a retrospective of what I have done so far . ..

Making a Pilot Part.02

After the built, the painting… and I made a few mistakes at first and kinda had to do a reset, as usual one step front 2 steps back…as it happens when you learn something new. That being said, the weathering technique I learned for this project turned out amazing !


what is the 501st?

This is the question I get so often when I say “I’m a trooper in the Legion 501”.  Of course being a member it is easy to forget that many people just do not know us, we are yet to be a name brand ( although we are on the right path). We are 10000 around the world sharing the passion of making movie accurate costumes and wearing them for the greater fun of everyone.

based on the latest data I could collect , I designed this infographic to give a visual glimpse into our world. Enjoy.