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Red Devil Helmet

Thanks to RS Prop Master I was provided a lovely blank Swing helmet and decided to get inspired by the design of classic helmet while making this one special : Black Yellow Red – my country’s flag (Belgium) and of course give homage to our national soccer team ” The Red Devils”

A-wing Part02

Worked a second A-wing , more personalized with some “improvised” greeblies and a great find from Ikea: cable management tube worked miracle in the back of the helmet !


The Trooping Dead- Season 02

I wanted the helmet to be reasonably scary but not so much that kids would have instant nightmares. I also wanted to show some tech parts of the helmet guts…after all they are supposed to be lined with cables etc… There is a plastic zombie face mask hiding the real face when wearing it, and the nesckseal has fake ripped skin

The Trooping Dead- Season 01

The Death Trooper, as it is known, is a stormtrooper zombie from the novel ” Death Trooper” (duh)  and since every year I try to make something a bit “different” ( remember Alien last year)  I decided to have a go at it. However I wanted to make it realistic enough so that I could do a zombie run one day !!! There are at least 6 layers of paints to get that greenish decay, all the marks , the breakage, the open areas, blow stains, cracks… I added mesh in places to simulate the possible carbon layer of the armor construction…making it more realistic.

REX…just older

Always wanted to make a clone trooper… then when I saw old Rex in Star Wars Rebels I knew that was the one for me. I finally made it and that was a really fun build and paint job to do. This one is definitely a keeper; especially because it is so comfy ( once the chest piece is on of course)

Shadow Trooper

Since I was approached to build a shadow trooper I decided to take pictures of the whole process. from unboxing the kit to lining up parts, trimming, cutting, snapping, prepping, lining, glueing and fitting.

One thing I like to do is to glue the inside of the parts with left over plastic parts I salvages from the trimming process. I feel it adds strength to the armor. For cosmetic purposes I cover the inner glue with soft velcro.

The other thing with the black armor is I did not feel confident using CA glue like I usually do, the zap kicker felt like it was going to potentially damage the surface so I went back to using PVC-U welding glue.

And of course I feel  having a shiny black armor will be a bitch to maintain; dust shows very fast, cannot use water to clean without leaving traces and scratches might be more evident than on a white armor… oh I love the Tank armor for it the more damaged it looks to more legit it is.

All that being said, it is a lovely piece and I feel confident the new owner will be happy with this build.

Xenomorph…because break time !

I’m all about Star Wars, this is all about Star Wars…except when it is not and I need to get working with new materials and challenge myself to a complete other kind of build: Introducing the Xenomorph. I was lucky enough to find an amazingly talented prop maker dedicated to the world of Alien and scored a fantastic kit allowing me to build my very own KiKi Ze Alienne. In retrospect there are a couple of things I’d do differently and there is definitely a v2 getting ready in my head !

Lots of gluing, cutting, painting, priming , fitting…but the final result is well worth it.

New satchel for my Wookiee

The first satchel I had is nice but after a few trooping I felt the need to make it even more screen accurate. I wanted the full round effect and the oversize d-ring holder. I wanted to make it look rough and I wanted to make a new bandolier  with EVA blocks. The screen accurate metal box are perfect but make the whole rig really heavy and “unsafe” when taking pictures with children…EVA is light and soft so I do not need to worry about bumping a kid’s head during events.

Some leatherworks fun

When I first started to work with leather it was very intimidating…I am far from being the best at this out there but I do really enjoy working with leather and making “simple” stuff. This time around two new styles of holsters.

Ground Crew- R1

Rogue One is a treasure throve of new costumes and they all show a lineage  a true legacy to what was the OT. The Ground Crew is one of these really beautiful one that can be worn by both Male/Female.

A fun build, not too complicated but enough to give you the challenge of putting the helmet together…sadly very little weathering on this build.

Imperial Tanker V2

I love this guy too much so I got myself another kit , ABS this time, and started building it with a few novelties. Magnetic closure, replaceable EVA foam the side, velcro removable neck collar… maximum flexibility for more compact packing when travelling.

Hover Tank Trooper

So I decided to get into Rogue One build and that means my all time favourite the Tank Trooper. Forget the Death Trooper, you cannot see Sh%$7 ; the tank trooper is rough, battled, dirty and full of grits and that’s what I love so much about it.

Rebel Helmets

After my initial red5 x-wing helmet build I realised that I actually enjoyed making these helmets because of their paint job. I found it refreshingly fun to build and paint a helmet that had been “battle damaged”. So Came the Y-wing and the A-wing alongside other xWing …

Y-wing Rebel fighter Pilot helmet

I am an imperial at heart because their costumes really talk to the designer in me, the repetition, use of negative space, uniformity… all that is linked to who I am and what I do in life. That being said I must admit that building the Red five X-wing helmet talked to my inner artist; doing the paint job was awesome.

With that in mind I decided to make a Y-wing helmet and it was a trip! Granted I will not make the rest of the costume or planning on wearing the helmet per se, but the build and the paint job were a real blast.

Stormtrooper costume …

Following the post on Bad Star Wars in China and how costume are very loosely put together for commercial events, I decided to show new troopers what could not possibly work and how details are important using a picture of yet another ( albeit already “better”) stormtrooper wrongly put together 1262-pic_hd

Making a Pilot Part.01

I have stepped into the light(side) and started my first rebel helmet build. Of course it is an X-wing … but which one?
Outer shell built, stickers applied and ready for painting…

The Belt..

I really love working with leather, such a noble material although quite unforgiving. It is just a shame I need to reprint the belt buckle!

IMG_0210 2




3D printed DL-44 ESB Han Solo varian, this is much better than resin counterparts, way lighter and easier to build.