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I'm Vincent,
I am a scifi-holic!

Stuff Maker since 2009,
Trooper since 2012,
Provider of quality costumes since 2015,
Star Wars fan since 1977 !

I recreates unique life size, pieces of classic sci-fi franchises favourite

Starting with high quality digital files to hand painting, I accurately depicts characters and objects for fans and collectors everywhere.

"Just ONE "
I thought to myself

I started my journey into making and collecting lifesize replica of sci-fi props and costume in 2011. It started with a Tie Fighter pilot, then a stormtrooper, then Vader and what was supposed to be “just one costume” has ended with over 60 completed costumes, most of them armoured, for my own collection so far. 

Along the way fans and collectors noticed my work and started to commission their costumed – hard parts assembly, soft part making, painting … two projects emerged from my years of experience; a project dedicated to the SWU costuming community where I focus on soft parts and this studio where I build and paint one-of-a-kind lifesize replica collectibles.

“How awesome is it to support fans and collectors who share the same passion to get that unique piece they can proudly display and in turn share with their friends and family ? 

Hugely Awesome indeed !

This is how I do it ...

I use highly accurate replica 3D models produced by some of the best digital artists in the community. These files are printed as whole, large pieces in the best industrial SLA resin printers available thus ensuring every detail is crisp and smooth.

After careful inspection, the prints are sanded and prepped for painting. From primer, to base coat, to weathering and finishing details, a wide array of techniques and the very best brands of paints are used to give each pieces the best possible render.

Actual replica clothing fitted for the busts are used to provide the ultimate screen presence.  I insist on using real fabric and metal parts to warrant a complete and faithful look worthy of the best collections. 

With collectors in mind and to give a truly museum quality to the final piece I make, all the busts and helmets are using the unified  XIBIT(c) display system giving them the perfect support and best showcase possible.



Life Size Bust

This is possibly the most epic way to showcase your fandom. I create these 1:1 busts complete with actual tailor made accurate fabric clothing and metal parts.


Life Size Helmet

Commercial helmet  can be “nice” but the remain toys in nature and often lack the gravitas and the real feel as one that has been hand made/painted.



Droid Heads

Only true fans understand the need for a good looking droid head standing in their collection. These are the droids you are looking for !


Without passion for what you do, life becomes tasteless; deprived of creativity and awesome experiences.
Moi (Encore)


I specialised in replication of sci-fi characters and props to be a memorable part of a collection. Each piece is carefully printed and hand painted according to each collector’s individual taste thus making sure that they are unique.


The 3D files are provided by the collectors or bought directly from digital artists. I holds no rights on the files or the character selected. The creative service offered primarily covers the preparation and hand painting of the finished piece.


Each piece is made to order. Once the final choice of character and finishes has been made, it can take up to 8 weeks before the selected piece is ready for shipping. To ensure the safest delivery possible, I use DHL to ship worldwide.



My Studio (R) is currently located in Shanghai. You are always welcome to drop by and visit to see my latest work.
If you want to enquire about a particular piece,  email me.

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